DAMA Denmark



“We develop the practice of data and information management in Denmark by bringing professionals, businesses, organizations and educational institutions together to disseminate focus on data as a strategic asset”


Mads Flensted Hauge

Chairman of the Board

Has has been working with data managent 15+ years as both consultant and Internal manager. Currently GDPR is his major professional focus area, alongside building compliance governancemodels

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Jørgen Lauridsen

I have seen much of the new digital universe unfold. Also  watched, how data maturity of organizations has evolved like the real universe – in all directions and still expanding - not necessarily for the greater good of the companies.

My motivation is: how can I contribute to maturing our common data universe, add value to our companies, Be data sustainable and not least, unfold the potential of proper data governance & - Management. It starts with our young and ends …. Never.

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Ioana Mogensen

16+ years of leading and shaping the future enterprises and digital transformations towards desired business vision and outcomes, in global and medium sized organizations. Enterprise Architect professional with deep roots and focus on disciplines such as Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management.

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Steen Sjøgaard

Data professional with 20+ years of experience creating value-adding data management solutions that directly support business objectives and data-driven corporate performance. 

My primary area of expertise is to define, drive and develop the interaction between people, processes, systems, data and overarching governance. 

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Rasmus Jakobsen

Experienced professional, working within the Data Management space for more than 20 years, in internal and external roles, advising, designing, implementing and driving both the business and technical side of data governance, master data management and data quality management. Enabling global organizations to maximize the value of their most precious asset - data.

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Charlotte Arbo-Bähr

Work in progress.

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Michael Bendixen

15+ years of experience leading Data Management in global organisations within areas such as Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Master Data shared services and IT solutions for Data Management broadly.

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Heidi Sandager Larsen

Working within Master Data Manangement and Data Governance area through out the last 20+ years. Preaching "explore and exploit the true value of good Data Management & Governance" and utilize the asset within.

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General Assembly Minutes of Meetings

Please find the Minutes of Meeting from our General Assembly Meetings below

    1. General Assembly Meeting Feburary 24th - 2022
    2. General Assembly Meeting February 25th - 2021.


DAMA Denmark shares DAMA International's vision to be an essential resource to those who engage in information and data management.

Through events, sharing of knowledge and communication channels, we will continuallly seek to raise the attention to good practise on data management.

We will work to approach both organisations, enterprises as well as educational institutions and the public sector to seek dialogue and ways to help these parties to proffessionalise the way of working with data.


The formation of DAMA Denmark started in the autumn 2019 where the founding committee had the first in a series of meetings to discuss ideas, motivations and our approach to forming the Danish chapter.

Little did we know then, that a pandemic were on the rise, and forced us to rely on online meetings for the latter part of our formation process. It has been a very different but still a fun, challenging and enriching journey to take part in.

In October 2020 we held the founding general assembly, and appointed the first Executive Board. And just  a few days later the official affiliation agreement was signed by DAMA-I.

DAMA Denmark is now a reality, and we are both very proud of it, and we are looking very much forward to making a difference in the Danish world of Data Management professionals.

Best regards

The Executive Board of DAMA Denmark