DAMA Denmark



The Danish Data Management Community

DAMA Denmark is a non-profit organization for Data Management professionals, aiming to become a place of knowledge sharing and education.

The DAMA Denmark chapter was as of September 2020 officially approved as an affiliate of DAMA-International.  

DAMA’ Denmarks primary purpose is to promote the understanding, development, and practice of managing data, information, and knowledge as key enterprise assets.

DAMA (Data Management Association) International is the world’s largest Vendor Independent, Technology Independent, Methodology Independent data management professional non-profit association.

Founded in 1980, the group is organized meanwhile as a set of more than 40 chapters and members-at-large around the world, with an International Conference held every year. DAMA currently has chapters in 17 countries, with the most substantial presence in the United States.

Welcome to DAMA Denmark

A very warm welcome to all datamanagement professionals in Denmark, that is interested in improving competencies, sharing knowledge and invest time in making the management of data an acknowledged part of the strategic consideration in danish enterprises, organisations and educational institutions.

In a small re-writing of a danish saying: "Everybody is talking about data, but so few is doing anything about it", It might send a quite provocative message, because many data professionals actually are doing something about it. It is just so, that a lot of effort seems to be put into correcting errors instead of putting work and mind into preventing these errors to arise in the first place.

We believe in building such prevention into any organisation, and by starting the DAMA community in Denmark we want to create a room for sharing and education, so this goal can become more clear, and achieveable for more organisations.

Feel free to join - we are looking very much forward to get this community on the rails and running.

Mads Flensted Hauge

Chairman of the board

DAMA Denmark is your danish gateway to education, certification, and career advancement in the Data Management profession based on the DAMA framework.

For over 30 years, DAMA has been the leading organization for data professionals by developing a comprehensive body of data management standards and best practices and shared this knowledge through the DMBoK framework.

DAMA Denmarks purpose statement

“DAMA Denmark advances the practice of managing information and data”

WHAT does DAMA Denmark Offer?


Data Management Book of Knowledge a comprehensive guide to international data management standards and practices for data management professionals

Get Trained

DAMA Denmark is proud to be partnered with world-leading organizations to provide best-in-class training opportunities for data management professionals, accessible across the globe. 


3 step path to becoming a certified Data Management Professional

DAMA Denmark is the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise.

DAMA Denmark is governed by an Executive Board and an Advisory Board consisting of recognized leaders in the field of Data and information management. 

  • DAMA Denmark was established in 2020
  • DAMA-Denmark is the Danish chapter of the DAMA International organisation which was funded in 1988.
  • DAMA-Denmark is an all volunteer organization governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 8 Officers. Directors are voted in for a 2 year term of office and may stand for re-election.