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Networking and contacts in the leading professional association


Access to standard Data Management Body of Knowledge

Shape the future of Data Management in Denmark

Train your staff through Certification


Download DMBoK images

Speak up at conferences

Influence locations / sectorisations of Global standards

DAMA memberships provides an opportunity for continuous personal development through

M  E  M  B  E  R  S  H  I  P 

As the Danish Chapter is up-coming the membership is free until ultimo 2021

Please register your interest in this community here: 

Register formmembers@dama-dk.org

Please note once registering as a member you automatically accept the DAMA Denmark Privacy Policy Find out more here

DAMA-Denmark Membership Fees

There aim is to have three types of membership fees in the DAMA-Denmark chapter: divided into individual, corporate, and student

  1. Individual Member: This membership is an Individual Standard Membership of DAMA Denmark. Fee size will be published ultimo 2021
  2. Department / Corporate Member: This membership is a Corporate Standard Membership which allows corporations to purchase DAMA Denmark membership in bulk. The corporation distributes voucher codes to their associates. Each voucher code is good for one year and for one associate. Fee size will be published ultimo 2021
  3. Student: The aim is that the student fee will remain free


The DAMA Denmark Bylaws govern the way that DAMA Denmark is set up and operated. If you have any questions, please contact our VP of Operations.

DAMA Denmark is an affiliate of DAMA-International and will thus adapt its activities and statutes to comply with the objectives of DAMA-International.

Data Privacy

The DAMA Denmark Data Privacy Policy and content can be found via the link below.

DAMA Denmark provides this Privacy Policy to make you aware of our privacy practices and of the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.

DAMA history

DAMA Denmark was founded in 2020, however the DAMA International and concepts have a long history in connection to evolving the DAMA through chapters and publications of books and certificaitons.

You can find much more in the link below.

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